Web2Print Layout Application

Client pasda GmbH
Medium Web
Date April – July 2010
Agency Freelance
Role ActionScript 3 Development, Interactive Design, Application/Data Architecture
URLs http://www.meinbildkalender.de

This is the new online layout application for meinBildkalender.de. We put all the experience we made with the previous versions and web2print in general into this new version, to primarily improve the usability and possibilities for the user and from technical point of view to move to AS3 finally. Like the versions before the result is a Rich Internet Application with a long list of features, but the main things we added are: fullscreen mode, built-in image upload, dropshadows, outlines, vector shapes, copy&paste, undo/redo, backgrounds, …

Furthermore everything is built with flexibility and scalability in mind so that it’s possible to configure every imaginable print product and even the UI is fully customizable through external configuration files.

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