Client pasda GmbH, CALVENDO Verlag GmbH
Medium Web
Date April – December 2012
Agency Freelance
Role Lead Frontend / Backend Development


Calvendo ist the first publishing platform which enables designers, photographers, … , essentially everyone to create and publish calendars and poster books with their own photos, graphics and texts and distribute it afterwards with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) via book traders like amazon or your local book shop.

The primary objective was to create a web2print platform which makes the process from uploading assets, creating the layout and finally distributing it as a real product as easy as possible for the user. It’s possible to upload either finished layouts as PDF file or use local images (only used images are getting uploaded when publishing it) to layout the calendar.  The Rich Internet Application with a long list of features: fullscreen mode, local images,text-editing, outlines, vector shapes, copy&paste, undo/redo, rulers, guides, processing of image metadata, calendars, automatic index page …

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